150 years RÜTGERS

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150 years RÜTGERS (Chemistry)

Being established for 150 years, RÜTGERS thought, it was time for a contest of three disciplins which involved body, spirit and soul. Seven commercial lines were participating. On three different stages, a presentation of the results was held in the Essener "Grugahalle". This presentation was moderated by Nina Ruge, who became famous as a German TV moderator. Furthermore the presentation was followed up by a music show.

Essen (Germany) and seven further cities (for preliminary decisions)

Duration: 3 months, finale on one day

Guests: 15.000 employees of RÜTGERS


Inventing a contest including the topics of "body", "spirit" and "soul", 7 companies have to battle against each other


All employees of RÜTGERS were invited to take part in the following tasks:
"body" - soccer tournament
"spirit" - ideas of improvement
"soul" - producing a piece of art together
When the finale took place in the "Grugahalle" the whole place was decorated under the motto "body", "spirit" and "soul".

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