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Collaboratorevent CC-Bank

CC-Banks' and AKA-Banks' collaborators were supposed to experience an unforgettable evening which should acquire them with new power and motivation.

Location: Düsseldorf

Duration: 1 day

Guests: 2.300


The successfull fusion of CC-Bank and AKB Bank was supposed to be celebrated with its employees within a huge get-together. Hot news, communicated at late afternoon, were the aim. Concerning the information, it had to be created as diversified as the evening event.


A Prisma, consisting of three sides, was used as key visual for the event. A song was especially produced in order to present the official part. At the end there was a laser show. A lot of short films provided variety, for example: popular cabaret who communicates a new perspective of affairs.
To the surprise of all, the stage "opened" and uncovered the party and dancing area. A lot of artists entertained the guests on three different stages. In terms of the prisma, all artists came together at the end of the performance. Top-Act of this evening represented Udo J¡Zgens with his Pepe Lindhardt Band.

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